Just figuring out my lifewanna come??

Those of you who know me personally likely understand I am not one to self-promote and though I do not lobby for the spotlight, I’ve always been in the spotlight. That been said, I am not necessarily one to hide from it either.

A few eyebrows raised?? Wondering what am I talking about?

I give ample consideration to how my actions are perceived, acknowledging the resulting perceptions are not always aligned with the intended projections (The Big Bang Theory effect, You should hate my friend Kiran for this).

It is that mindset that had me waffling for quite some time on whether or not a blog was a worthy investment of my time and energy. Through my blog, I intend to offer the insight to address idle curiosity and more specifically those wondering, “What am I confused about?”

Statutory Warning, My blog will leave you confused about everything and nothing all at the same time.

Former genius, currently confused. Speaks fluent sarcasm. An Ambivert who is smart and dumb at the same time. Always confused between two extremes. Not your average foodie, my blood is made of chocolates and ice-creams.

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