Aye, I’m Sticking To My Story

FriYay mornings are the best ones. Yes, that’s what we millennials call it. Everybody around me is busy gossiping. It’s a universal culture to gossip. They say any information out of gossip is treated as more valuable information than our own observations. That’s how human behaviour works, I guess. The rumour mill moves faster inContinue Reading “Aye, I’m Sticking To My Story”


Who am I? The Mr. Robot POV

People always told me growing up that it’s never about the destination. It’s about the journey. But what if the destination is you? It’s about finding the real you? It all starts with who you really are? So much to get into but let me ask you a question first. How do we know if we’reContinue Reading “Who am I? The Mr. Robot POV”


Yes. I’m Confused about everything

“What confuses you? Why are you so confused? What are you confused about” blah blah…  I always feel judged when people ask these kinds of questions. They argue that everyone is confused on some level about something? Whether its life, work, what’s next, relationships, whatever you can think of? I am actually confused about something right now. Aren’t you?Continue Reading “Yes. I’m Confused about everything”


My Experience at WordCamp Nashik 2016

I got introduced to WordPress back in around 2012 when my brother used WordPress to blog. Fast forward to 2016, I joined rtCamp as a part of the BizDev team. One of the perks of being a rtCamper, is that I get to attend WordCamps! WordCamp is basically a conference about everything WordPress. It is a platformContinue Reading “My Experience at WordCamp Nashik 2016”